Egg Monster Bread Cutter Carves Up Toast Into A Delicious Cyclops

We aren’t so sure whether the Fred & Friends Egg Monster Bread Cutter creates delicious breakfast tributes to MONSTERS, INC.’s Mike Wazowski or a delectable portrait of an especially affable-looking mythical cyclops. When the finished product tastes this good and adds a healthy dose of creative fun to our mornings, who are we to care whether we’re chowing down on a beloved Pixar character’s effigy or one of the legendary beasts of the ODYSSEY itself?

Start with toast of your choice and apply the cutter as you would to cookies, pancakes, etc. to slice out the appropriate design. For the delectable finishing touch, just add one fried egg in the space carved for your munchie monster’s eye.

For next-level dining, we rather like to add just an artful dribble or two of sriracha sauce to mimic stray drops of yummy, spicy blood.

Egg Monster Bread Cutter (1)Egg Monster Bread Cutter (2)Egg Monster Bread Cutter (4)

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Make breakfast scary-good

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