Ecocapsule Is A Self Sustaining Dwelling For Living Off The Grid

Are you a globe-trekking nomad? Can’t get enough travel to satisfy your wandering spirit? The next time you’re struggling to get that prehistoric tent up and adam, consider a more modern upgrade that’ll give you the luxury of a warm bed, running water, and a hot meal.
Fight Off the Elements on Your Next Camping Adventure

Created by NiceArchitects, the Ecocapsule is a compact low-energy house that has modern amenities for a relaxing travel adventure. Self-sustainable, this fitted structure has solar cells on its top and a wind turbine for your energy needs. It also collects rainwater so you won’t look like a caveman by the end of your trip.

This modern tiny house is easy to transport overseas as well as by land for simplicity. While this prototype isn’t available for purchase until the last quarter of 2015, fight off the elements on your future trips with a compact camper that won’t quit out on you.

Basic specs:

  • Dimensions: (HxLxW)2.55×4.45×2.25m/4.5m with extended pole
  • Weigh: 1500kg
  • Installed power output: wind 750W solar 600W
  • Battery capacity: 9744Wh
Ecocapsule Self Sustaining Dwelling 2 Ecocapsule Self Sustaining Dwelling 3 Ecocapsule Self Sustaining Dwelling 4 Ecocapsule Self Sustaining Dwelling 5 ecocapsule_Ecocapsule-05-1024x1024 ecocapsule_Ecocapsule-06-1024x1024 Ecocapsule-011
Source – Ecocapsule

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