Easybreath Snorkel Rethinks The Mechanics Of Breathing For Undersea Exploration

When it comes to experiencing the singular, pristine beauty waiting beneath the sea, there’s no design too thoughtfully inspired, if the finished product enhances every brilliant detail of life beneath the blue with unforgettable clarity.

The Easybreath Snorkel extends pinnacle clarity across a shatterproof polycarbonate window’s 180° field of vision with exclusive anti-fogging breath ventilation and the unprecedented natural, easy breathing of a comfortable full mask. You’re guaranteed to see four times further than any traditional snorkel allows while breathing easier, thanks to the Dry Top snorkel system blocking water from entering through the top and the incredibly effortless air-flow of a snorkel protruding farther above the water than competitors’ masks.

“A traditional snorkel seems longer because it starts from the mouth and not the top of the head like the Easybreath,” the Easybreath’s makers explained. “If you try breathing through a snorkel and then through a garden hose you will understand that the longer the tube, the harder it is to breathe. To guarantee a level of respiratory effort that meets current standards, we cannot make the snorkel any longer.”

As water and air alike circulate, the anti-fogging concept proves especially effective in waters over 18°C. Like an automobile windshield’s ventilation design, the fresh air you inhale won’t reach the nose or mouth before projecting onto the front window. Your exhalation expels from the side silicone connections, which direct the air into the surrounding white mask to then be dispelled from the snorkel.

Water purges from the mask by way of a bottom valve when the wearer’s head is raised. The Dry Top system solves an ever-present problem of choppy water, small surface waves or even the user’s own head motion driving water into the snorkel. The Easybreath design virtually eliminates the risk of swallowing what would otherwise travel literally down the wrong pipe.

All three Easybreath Snorkel sizes – XS for children and generally slimmer faces; S/M for women, teenagers and others with medium-sized faces; and L/XL for men and snorkelers with wider faces – are fitted with adjustable elasticated textile straps that will never painfully pull your hair with natural movement.

Please note, this is a mask intended for surface breathing only and is not designed or intended for free-diving use.



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