Dyson 360 Eye Robot Vacuum Knows How To Clean Your Home Better Than You Do

With all due respect to the Dyson 360 Eye robot vacuum’s impressive capacity to leverage gemoetry, trigonometry, complex math and probability theory to learn the lay of its surroundings from constant observations in all directions, we just have to be honest: screw the cleaning. We want to weaponize it to fight a Roomba.

Like a martial arts master of great wisdom and sage-like perspective, it ponders where it’s been and where it now stands to self-determine where it is to go next. Of course, unlike Kwai Chang Caine, the 360 Eye captures even deeply embedded fine particles of mold and pollen with the powerful centrifugal force of Dyson’s most refined Radial Root Cyclone technology to date. For that unmatched suction, you can thank the compact, surprisingly powerful Dyson Digital Motor V2’s industry-leading 78,000 rpm output generated by unique digital-pulse hardware. Even microscopic dust stands no chance.

The 360 Eye happens to be the only robot vacuum that uses continuous tank tracks to maneuver throughout your home on any surface without losing its course or getting repeatedly stuck. It’s one of the only robot vacuums with full-width suction achieved by separate bristles selected specifically to be individually suited to carpet and hard floors specifically.

Others use wheels with poor traction – they can get stuck or shift off course. Dyson 360 Eye™ robot is the only robot vacuum with continuous tank tracks, engineered for accurate manoeuvring over all floors.

Unlike most robot vacuums, Dyson 360 Eye™ robot provides suction across the full width of the machine. And instead of flimsy bristles and side sweepers, it has Dyson’s most advanced cleaner head technology: two types of bristles for hard floors and carpet.

The nerve center is the free iOS and Android Dyson Link app’s control and scheduling functins that can lay out when the 360 Eye cleans and in what customized fashion. It streams cleaning-progress maps to connected devices in real time, whether you’re home or not, and activates a two-year guarantee that includes automatically downloadable software updates and instant troubleshooting guides as needed.

We’re also pretty sure we can retrofit it for gatling guns.

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