DuPont’s Corian Charging Surface Could Lessen Our Dependency on Power Outlets

With our ever-increasing need to be connected, most people spend at least a couple hours on their phones daily. And who’s to say that amount won’t increase? People huddle around outlets at airports, in their homes, even at work, and honestly it’s tiring. Isn’t there a better way?

DuPont Building Innovations may have finally cracked the code in their Corian Charging Surface Technology. In a nutshell, this technology will make your countertop its own charging surface when everyone else is hogging that power outlet. This tech will be hitting residential and commercial customers at NeoCon in Chicago this year, and if our initial reaction is any indication of how the presentation will go, we can only hope we’ll be throwing away our chargers someday or at least not gravitating around them incessantly.

Source – The-Gadgeteer via Dupont
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