Dunking Buddy Uses Magnets To Dunk Your Cookies In Milk

We can’t say that dunking cookies in some perfectly cold milk ever seemed like a such a fine art, but thanks to the Dunking Buddy, we now aren’t so sure what clods we must look like to dunkers with a sense of craftsmanship.

OK, so it’s true: dunk a particularly soft cookie or one already loosened by a good first bite or two, and there’s bound to be some floaties to contend with. Perfectly good baked scrumptiousness gone to waste, breaking down as little soggy corpses in the sea of moo-juice.


We like to think that, when Magneto has laid aside for the day his ambitions to enslave humanity and vanquish the X-Men, this is how he would take his Chips Ahoy! in the aborting security of his Asteroid M sanctum. Inside both the plastic tray designed to hold the cookies and its separate handle are a pair of magnets. When you place the tray inside the included plastic cup and the handle immediately across from it on the outside, the magnets hold the tray in place for you to control the length, depth and speed of your dunking as you please.

Mother-invented and kid-approved, the Dunking Buddy is one outstanding way to teach children ages 4 and up about the basics of magnetism that even adults will be keen to “borrow” for their own hands-free cookie enjoyment.Dunkin-Buddy-Magnetic-Cookie-Dunker-8Dunkin-Buddy-Magnetic-Cookie-Dunker-5Dunkin-Buddy-Magnetic-Cookie-Dunker-9Dunkin-Buddy-Magnetic-Cookie-Dunker-6Dunkin-Buddy-Magnetic-Cookie-Dunker-1Dunkin-Buddy-Magnetic-Cookie-Dunker-4Dunkin-Buddy-Magnetic-Cookie-Dunker-3Dunkin-Buddy-Magnetic-Cookie-Dunker-10

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