Dulse Seaweed Tastes Like Bacon! Health Conscious Bacon Lovers Rejoicing

Everyone knows they should eat healthy, but such a feat is easier said than done. After all, you can’t help the fact that donuts, buttery treats, and burgers stacked with delicious smelling bacon look so darn good, especially when the commercials make them so alluring.You may have heard of the kale craze, but if you’re looking for taste you may want to look at its close relative.
Named Dulse, this sea vegetable is grown on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. This red-hued seaweed look alike sets itself apart with one vital benefit; it has a salty, bacon-like taste when you fry it. Mmmmm bacon.Iceland and Ireland have secretly been enjoying this meatless substitute for centuries, but don’t despair. The Oregon Department of Agriculture just got their hands on a grant to explore using this delicacy as a special crop.
Bacon lovers rejoice!


Source – MentalFloss


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