Duff Beer is Official, Ay Caramba!

It is very rare to have a TV show continue on as we go through life. The Simpsons has been on the air since December 17, 1989 and has had 26 successful seasons. What has made the show so successful? Homer’s alcoholic tendencies? Maybe Bart’s devious behavior? Or perhaps it’s Lisa’s arsonist ways. Either way, the nation clearly loves this dysfunctional family, and for those who have been waiting for over a decade, the release of Duff Beer is now official. Though not yet available in the States, you’ll be able to enjoy Homer’s favorite brew when you use your networking skills to get your hands on some of these premium lager cans.Looks like you’ll be belching your way to the nearest nuclear power plant in no time. Just avoid the Burns!

Source – WSJ


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