DrumPants Version 2.0 Make You A One-Man Percussion Band

Drum Pants 5
Can get enough percussion? Are you a drumstick throwing badass? Want to give Led Zeppelin a run for their money? Well get ready for an increase in blood pressure, because a KickStarter music innovation is on its second round to make your music experience even more fun than before.

DrumPants, the KickStarter crazy first premiered in ’07 and featured on Shark Tank is now on Indiegogo for a second round in the arena. Version 2.0 claims to be faster and stronger than the first model and allows you to wear your drums literally on your pants. This device has a set of two drums pads and foot pedals to let you play different sets of instruments without the need of the instrument itself.

Wear them over, wear them under. It won’t matter when you’re bringing on that percussion at full force. Huzza!

Drum Pants 2 Drum Pants 3 Drum Pants 4

Source – Engadget via Indiegogo

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