Drivemocion LED Car Sign Lets You Vent Your Frustrations With the Driver Behind

You’ve heard of emoticons… so how about drivemoticons? If ever you’ve wanted to let the driver behind you know how you’re feeling (and let’s be honest, we all have) then you’ll love being able to shoot them a grimacing face or a smile out the back window. This device uses an LED display in order to let you express yourself and lets you choose from smiling, toe grimacing to a wobbly face. You also have ‘bye’. It’s hard to know precisely what the wobbly face is meant to represent…


You have a small controller in the front with you and this allows you to easily express yourself and let them know how you’re feeling. Whether this is going to increase incidences of road rage or decrease them is hard to say but it’s certainly fun and will make you feel better. Plus, giving your car a face gives it a kind of personality and makes you even more sentimentally attached. And that’s always nice…

all messages

There are maybe a few of the more ‘colorful’ expressions missing however. Maybe an LED ‘hand’ is more suitable for what most of us will want to express…

drivemocion all messages drivemocion bye drivemocion messages

Source – ThinkGeek


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