Dremel Rotary Tool Adapter Taps Your Shop-Vac’s Suction For Extreme Power

If you enjoy working around the house, or you are a tradesmen in the construction industry, then you most likely own a shop-vac – a hardy, all around vacuum cleaner. The sucking power from a typical shop-vac is strong enough to suck up water off the ground and can even hold light pieces of wood in the air, or your hand if you put it to close to the nozzle.

In spite o f the notorious sound a shop-vac makes, the sucking power is what people remember, and it’s so strong that most curious folks try sucking up anything they can find, just for fun. Well, some curious folks from Dremel found a new way to harness the strong suction from a shop-vac to power a rotary tool!

That’s right; there is a handheld rotary tool adapter you can now attach to your home shop-vac. What does it do? The Dremel VRT1-1/5 can ‘do’ a lot. For one thing, it overcomes the number one problem that plagues handheld rotary craft tools; the motors burnout with extensive use. The VRT1-1/5 relies on your shop-vac for power, and if you have ever owned a shop-vac, then you know the thing will run forever.

The rotary tool adapter looks like your typical handheld die grinder, without the weight of a motor. Once plugged in to a vaccum, you can grind, drill and do anything else a rotary handheld tool can do. It’s very cool, and very handy to have around the house, especially if you enjoy arts and crafts.

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