Draco Racing Drone Hits 100MPH Speeds While Broadcasting In Live FPV Video

Drone racing is a new and growing sport that challenges pilots to get the most performance out of their drones, but winning with a mass produced consumer drone isn’t easy. The reason for this is that most drones are programmed to make flying easier for operators and to be more safe, with the trade-off being less agility and speed, two important capabilities that are needed to win races.

Making and operating a racing drone has been compare to building a new gaming PC, and trying to put everything together time before you achieve a winning rig. Well, the makers of UVify have made it easy to customize racing drones, with a ready-to-go racer called the Draco that can keep up with the pros.

The new racing drone can reach 100MPH under racing conditions, and even faster flying in a straight line, and, you can control it from the drone’s perspective! Modulated components lets you add features such as GPS, or to replace a rotor arm or motor in moments.

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