Dr Martens Adventure Time Princess Bubblegum & BMO Boots Kick Up Your Fashion Into High Gear

If we could be so blessed as to chat with the late Kurt Cobain and Layne Staley today, we have to wonder what the two inimitable faces atop the Mt. Rushmore of Grunge would have to say about the new faces of Dr. Marten’s. You can’t say they’d ever expect the boots that stomped mudholes in many a ’90s mosh pit and walked them all dry to smile up at them with the surreal mugs of endearingly weird cartoon characters.

Well, here we are now, ADVENTURE TIME Dr. Marten’s Collection – by all means, entertain us.

The tough-yet-trendy bootmakers damn sure weren’t leaving well enough alone after dressing their footwear in the unmistakable likenesses of Jake, his human Finn, and Marceline. Nope, it was only a matter of time we were presented with cutie booties sporting the friendly faces of BMO and Princess Bubblegum.

Dr. Martens Adventure Time Boots (4)
Dr. Martens Adventure Time Boots (4) Dr. Martens Adventure Time Boots aquaDr. Martens Adventure Time Boots pink 2Dr. Martens Adventure Time Boots pink

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