Double Shot Coffee Espresso Glass Mug Gives You A Double-Caffeine Bitch Slap

The epic morning battle of coffee and energy drinks has raged on for what seems like eons, but which one is truly better? Though this question can’t be answered so directly, coffee typically contains more caffeine than their carbonated counterpart, but the taste can be an ick factor for many.Either way, the caffeine helps you look less like a scary zombie and more like a human being in those early hours. The Double Shot Glass Mug will provide that double-ended bitch slap that most people need in the morning. Put espresso in one end and coffee in the other, whatever your preference.

Even if you don’t drink coffee, you can still show your friends how much you’ve bean thinking about them. Wink wink.


Double Shot Coffee Espresso Mug (2)Double Shot Coffee Espresso Mug (1)


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