Doona Baby Car Seat Stroller Makes Traveling With Babies A Breeze

Doona Is Mom’s Best Friend – Next Generation Of Car Seat By SimpleParenting

In many ways, raising a child today is much easier than in the past, especially when it comes to getting around. Since the beginning of history, mothers work hard to carry their child around with them. Modern innovations have made carrying children safer, but not really any easier for mothers. For example, car seats and strollers today abound and are mainly geared toward kids’ safety and comfort, and frankly, moms haven’t had it any easier. Until now!

Car seats for kids save lives, but carrying these around is not an easy task, ask any mother who has to lug these things around with their child inside… moms today don’t need to go to the gym when they have a standard car seat to carry around. For those moms out there who need help loading and unloading their Childs car seat, and you know who you are, there is an easier way!

It’s called ‘doona’, brought to you by the people who care at What is it, exactly? It is exactly what moms today need, a car seat and stroller melded together. It is truly the next-generation car seat for kids. It’s light weight, easy to carry, easy to fold up, easy to load into any vehicle, easy to adjust and basically… makes mom’s job easier, and should be on every fathers’ to buy list.

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