Doomed Skull Salt & Pepper Shakers Breathe New Life into Old Superstitions

A hastened heartbeat. A widening of the eyes. Butterflies stirring in your stomach.

Everyone loves a good nightmare. Nothing gets the heart beating faster than a good scare, whether you’re watching Freddie Krueger, Jason, or everyone’s favorite homicidal clown. It boils the blood and honestly, what thrill seeker wouldn’t love a little nervous perspiration?

If you can’t get enough of surrounding yourself with odes to the macabre, a little something extra never hurt anyone. Fred and Friends has released their Doomed Salt & Pepper shakers to enhance your dining experience.

You know, they say spilling salt is an evil omen. Sure, it probably won’t resurrect any of your undead favorites, but it adds to the scenery, non?

Doomed Salt and Pepper Shakers (1)Doomed Salt and Pepper Shakers (3)Doomed Salt and Pepper Shakers (2)[offer_product]

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