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Donut Hole Mug Marks Scientific Apex Of Breakfast Beverage Delivery

Well. That’s it. Until someone cracks FTL travel, science can just take itself a powder. The Donut Hole Mug has perfected perfection. All grand innovation=s to follow shall stem from this 14 oz. hot beverage vessel’s immaculate delivery of invention’s one true ideal fuel and the one and only food destined to live and die by its side.

In the most unifying of ways, history’s most important minds are no different from the dullards. We’re born screaming in the dark. Pants go on one leg at a time. None of us ever die wishing we’d spent twice the time at the office. Most significantly, nothing worth doing gets done before 9 a.m. without a life-affirming cup of coffee.

Difficult takes coffee. The impossible? Better throw in something with sprinkles.

This cute little king among mugs holds not only piping hot java up top, but offers a convenient slotted base for a donut, some cookies, or any other delicious baked snack of your choice.

When our combination panini maker and cold fusion device wins us a Nobel Prize, rest assured, we’ll be raising our toast with the Donut Hole Mug.

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Great for cookies, hot chocolate, and more

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