Dogs Best Friends Make Human Troubles Seem Trivial

There’s no question about it. Dogs make our complicated lives so much sweeter when we have them in it. Whether you’re just allergic to cats or like the companionship, dogs have been man’s best friend for eons. Descendants of Canis Lupis, or wolves, dogs are known for their loyalty, even to each other.

By glimpsing at these adorable odes to doggie cuteness, it’s no big surprise that dogs interact so peacefully among their canine brothers and sisters.

If you’re looking to introduce your dog to a new play pal or create some photo-worthy opportunities, make sure their personality types mesh. Are they both very playful? Does your dog get out with other dogs often? If not, you may want to let the two have some breaks away from each other so they can grow on one another. With a little patience and a lot of love your dog will be making friends in no time!



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