Dog DNA Test Kit Lets You Know If Your Dog Is Purebred & More To Help It Live A Better Life

For often understandable reasons, genealogy presents some unique fascinations among dog owners. It’s that fixation on lineage that inspired the Mars Veterinary Wisdom Panel Breed Identification DNA Test Kit, both in the name of better understanding your animal’s unique physiological profile and its accompanying potential medical risk factors and for just for the sake of satisfying nagging curiosity.

This just might be the most remarkably comprehensive genealogy tool available to owners worldwide at such an affordable price. The new, improved Wisdom Panel 3.0 algorithm expands five-fold on earlier versions’ bases, covering more than 250 breeds, types, and varieties including roughly 99 percent of breeds officially recognized by the authoritative American Kennel Club. Beyond purebred animals, those extensive references allow the kit to run effectively for designer and mixed-breed animals with cutting-edge technology that scans over 1,800 pre-determined genetic markers for the most accurate identification to date.

Your customized report based on a quick, easy cheek swab provides customized genetic insights that more clearly explain the genesis of your dog’s behavior, appearance, and distinctive wellness needs. To date, Wisdom Panel 3.0 is the only U.S. canine DNA test kit offering the potentially live-saving patented MDR1 drug sensitivity screening, a test for the mutant MDR1 gene for multi-drug sensitivity that can help predict and prevent a number of dangerous adverse reactions to medications.

Once the sample arrives at the lab in its pre-paid return shipping package, results painting your dog’s genetic background are formatted in an official interactive HTML ancestry report emailed to you in only 2-3 weeks. Your data will include an adult weight range prediction to inform appropriate diet and nutrition choices and deep breed insights that can help owners better understand behavior and establish individualized training programs. Reports for mixed breed dogs include breed ancestry traced back to great-grandparents. Purebred dogs’ insights detail degrees of genetic diversity and a definitive breed certification. Tests identifying the lineage of designer dogs certify a true 50/50 split of two purebred parents’ signature traits.

Nothing has ever made learning so much about your best friend so simple.

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