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Doctor Who Tardis Ladies’ Wallet Is As Big On The Inside As A Woman Needs It To Be

If the eighth season of the revived DOCTOR WHO has given us hope in anything, it’s that there isn’t so much a question of “if” we’ll ever see a female regeneration of the Doctor, but thanks to the Master darkening time and space once more as “Missy”, we’re more optimistic than ever that it’s a question of “when?”

We’re just going to be out with it and play the gender card now: every Time Lady out there knows, the Nth Doctor that refreshes with lady parts will adopt the most sensible of any application for Time Lord technology: a bigger-on-the-inside bottomless purse. Or, would that the BBC decided to just have no pretense about that sweet merchandising shill, she’ll just sport this cute blue TARDIS Ladies’ Wallet.

It isn’t limitless in its dimensions, but the 10 credit card slots and three large bill sections make it feel just enough like it is. This trifold also sports a zipped coin section, clear vinyl ID pocket, and for a finishing touch as unmistakable as the sound of the Doctor flying the TARDIS with the brake on, the little blue box’s design embossed on the outside and first flap.

To the bars! When you have all that wibbly-wobbly time on a string, it’s always two hours until Last Call. ALLONSY!


Doctor Who TARDIS Ladies' Wallet
Doctor Who TARDIS Ladies' Wallet
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