Doctor WhoSmartphone Operated K-9 Dog Is Yours To Command

Now You Can Have Your Own Pet K-9

If you could have any of the cool gadgets and gizmos in Doctor Who, what would you choose?

Obvious the Tardis.

Okay, what if you could have any other of the cool gadgets?

Probably the Sonic Screwdriver…

Sure, but then it would be K9. And now you can have your own K9… sort of.

This remote controlled K9 will follow your every command as you input it through your Android or iOS device and has a ton of cool features including light-up eyes, an extending nose probe and way more.

One of the coolest features has got to be the user-controlled voices which essentially means you can drive it around the house and scare the bejeezus out of people…

K9 is actually relatively affordable from Amazon or Forbidden Planet and is also a great item in itself – even if it didn’t move! It’s a very accurate sculpt that’s a decent size and which will look awesome on any Doctor Who lover’s desk. The fact that it can drive around and flash its eyes is just a massive bonus. Just don’t drive him off the desk because that would be a massive shame.

Hopefully an app-controlled Tardis is what’s next in store for us.

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