Doctor Who Dalek Projection Clock is One Part Awesome, One Part Horrific

For those who used to hide behind the sofa watching Doctor Who as children, the shrill voice of the Daleks is the stuff of nightmares.

But this is no nightmare… This is grim reality!

Imagine starting your day by hearing your alarm clock yell ‘exterminate!!’ at you just as you were dreaming of Billy Piper. Sometimes life is just not fair…

Doctor Who Dalek Projection Alarm Clock

The Doctor Who Dalek Projection Clock can actually wake you up with one of three sounds, so if that option is too horrendous for you there are tamer ways to start your day.

But that’s not the only trick up this alarm clock’s sleeves! (We know that Dalek’s don’t have sleeves… sssh!)

Dr Who Dalek Projection Clock

More impressive still is the fact that the time gets projected onto the ceiling like a hologram. This Dalek thinks it’s R2D2

It can’t yet climb the stairs but this does mean that you can tell the time without having to move your head. Which has got to be about the laziest thing in the world but still it’s cool.

Also, it’s an awesome Dalek. What more do you want?

The clock costs $39.99 and comes from ThinkGeek.

Source – ThinkGeek


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