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Doctor Who Bed Sheets Drift Time Lords Through Sleepy Time And Space

This ThinkGeek-exclusive DOCTOR WHO Sheet Set got us to thinking about something we’re a tad surprised we’d never given any thought before: when exactly does the Doctor sleep?

We see him nod off/pass out occasionally. The Doctor, Amy and Rory and passed in and out of sleep in “Amy’s Choice” thanks to a trap laid by the Dream Lord. The Tenth Doctor needed a little snooze after regenerating to ensure his changes would take. Other than that, though, does the Doctor ever just park the TARDIS someplace, kick his feet up, and set his alarm for a nap?

The man is perpetually tumbling through all of time and space. Jebus, the TARDIS-lag…

If the Doctor does every so often retire to a cuppa chamomile and as many winks as he wants – Can you imagine the snooze button on the TARDIS? – we like to think these microfiber sheets illustrated with TARDISes, clockwork gears and Gallifreyan writing that we’re pretty sure translates to “My other TARDIS is a car” would be fit for a Time Lord indeed.

Every set includes one flat and one fitted sheet and one or two pillowcases – the Twin set only includes one. Also available in Full, Queen and King sizes.

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Sleep Through Time Itself

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