Doctor Who TARDIS Bedding Ensures Naptime Is Perfect In All Of Time & Space

We’ve seen The Doctor engage in some incredible exploits over the past half-century-plus in the interest of righting wrongs across all of time and space. There was that time he rode a dinosaur. There was that other time he had to save Earth from a dinosaur. He battled what turned out to be a frightened lost “monster” alongside Vincent Van Gogh, solved a mystery alongside Agatha Christie, faced down corpse-possessing beings alongside Charles Dickens, and stopped Winston Churchill from employing Daleks to beat back the Nazis.

There was also that time he, a badass with a robotic leg, and a DJ with a gun powered by rock and roll stopped Davros from manipulating the dead. Yes, that happened. No, we won’t attempt to explain it.

Aside from the occasions when the plot demanded it, can you guess what we’ve practically never seen The Doctor do? Sleep. Just our opinion, but the man is missing out. It’s the TARDIS. It remakes its own interior on pretty much a perpetual basis according to the needs of its occupants – namely, a certain manic Time Lord and his human friends of varying worthiness. It once set up a swimming pool INSIDE A LIBRARY. At the speed of thought, it could whip up one awe-inspiring bedroom no breathing being would ever want to leave.

Yeah, we’ll say it: The Doctor needs a nap. Like, as many yesterdays ago as possible.

We like to think that, had he the sense to down a glass of warm milk and tuck himself in, The Doctor would dig this Doctor Who TARDIS Bedding set from ThinkGeek. Each package comes with either a sham and comforter styled to resemble a much bigger likeness of the TARDIS exterior or a matched sheet set including fitted and flat sheets and pillowcase(s) sporting an array of spinning TARDIS against a white background.

Doctor Who TARDIS Bedding Sheets 1Doctor Who TARDIS Bedding Sheets 2Doctor Who TARDIS Bedding Sheets 3

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