DIY Fiber Optic Fairy Wings Are A Fashionable Cosplay Addition

We love us some innovative products that retail affordably and make incredibly cool things possible. Only one thing could be even better in our eyes, to be honest: when people like Instructables user MikaelaHolmes devises, produces and tests an inventive, resourceful creation and spreads the wealth to other industrious DIY enthusiasts.

The only thing as impressive as these Programmable Fiber Optic Fairy Wings’ mesmerizing lighting is just how “simple” she makes them sound in their assembly. Holmes envisioned “a sparkling enchanting fiber optic costume piece fit for a real fairy,” as she described her project to fellow Instructables users. She fashioned LEDs, a battery and a microcontroller into a powered lighting module. The finished product allowed her to not only program the fibers’ colors but conduct their fades or patterns on the “fly”. Hehehe. Hehe. Heh.

That she harnessed and weaved together the tech so effectively personally is impressive enough. Even more admirable is that the wings look sublime when practically integrated with a costume as in these pictures. Just like magic.

DIY Programmable Fiber Optic Fairy Wings 1DIY Programmable Fiber Optic Fairy Wings 4DIY Programmable Fiber Optic Fairy Wings 6DIY Programmable Fiber Optic Fairy Wings 3DIY Programmable Fiber Optic Fairy Wings 2

Source – FashionablyGeek via Instructables

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