Disturbing Cryptozoological Anomalies Are WTF Creepy…You Have Been Warned!

Years ago, and still today there were taxidermists who decided to play god with various parts of animals by combining them into fantastical creations of their mind. Many of these freak shows have allowed people to come up with crazy stories of how they came to be, often suggested to have been summoned using dark magical forces of the devil. Other people took advantage of the populations naievity by putting these anomalies in sideshow carnivals, charging unsuspecting people a few bucks to walk into a tent to see them.

This must have been what was going through one Etsy’s artist’s mind as he creates these crazy, ungodly works of art that can be summed up as simply creepy. From mummified mermaids to horror filled teacups of slimy eyeless creatures filled with razor-sharp teeth, these works of art are the stuff of nightmares come to life.

If you can stomach these creations, or just have a morbid fascination with the macabre, you’ll want to check out these one-of-a-kind pieces that defy description and explore the dark corners of our worst imaginations.

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