Distressed TARDIS Throw Rug, Fit For Mad Men In Blue Boxes And Their Bad Wolves Alike

Oh, TARDIS. Oh, you sexy thing. All that wibbly-wobbly time at The Doctor’s beck and call, and still none to spare for a little soothing TLC. We’re sorry. We’re so, so sorry.

Do a good deed for all time and space today. Take this ol’ girl off The Doctor’s hands a moment and nestle under this lovely Doctor Who Distressed TARDIS Microraschel Throw, exclusively from the fine folks at ThinkGeek. After all, if she’s proven anything over the course of centuries upon centuries letting 13 Doctors fly her from one far-flung corner of the universe to the other with Daleks, Cybermen, Sontarans and Weeping Angels nipping at her tail and the brake on the entire time, it’s capacity for unconditional love.

And what a sentimental old thing she is, too. The gentle polyester fleece measures 50″ by 89″, but surely feels bigger underneath. The black edge binding prevents pesky fraying and this cozy blanket is 100% officially BBC-licensed for quality.

Every mad man and his sweetie need their blue box, after all.

Distressed TARDIS Blanket Dr Who (2)


Doctor Who Tardis Rugs
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