Disney Smartwatch Tells You What Object You Touch Like Magic

The company we know today as Disney, it was established with the goal of entertaining people; but things have changed. Now Disney is a ‘huge’ name in the international science community, producing a vast amount of technology driven products that help people in many ways.

One such product – the Disney Smartwatch, is an amazing piece of technology that seems to be filled with magic. What does it do? The wearer of the watch can identify, by touch alone, the unique electromagnetic (EM) signal from any object, thus knowing what something is without ‘seeing’ anything, like magic.

This seemingly ‘magical’ device was conjured-up at the Carnegie Mellon University and Disney Research Center – a place where magic is created. There are many, many potential benefits of the Disney Smartwatch, in that it will be able to even interact with your surroundings, such when you touch your refrigerator, it can remind you to go to the grocery store, or when you touch the remote you can be informed that your favorite shows are coming on.

There is much more to say about this interest smartwatch by Disney, and no-doubt you will be hearing more about it as time goes by. Just a thought here, but what will it find when a dude needs to pee while wearing the watch?

touch-recognition-smartwatch (2)touch-recognition-smartwatch (1)touch-recognition-smartwatch (3)touch-recognition-smartwatch (4)

Source – DesignBoom via  Disney research center

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