Disco Dog’s Smartphone Controlled LED Vest Is A Retro Safety Party

Yes, this is Dog. Hot damn, is it ever. Disco Dog is a fun, flashy and flamboyant fashion for your four-legged friend that keeps your pal especially visible after dark.

Not exactly some slung-together Lite Brite rig glued to an old tanktop like the working prototype that our poodle Poochiesaurus Rex somehow found a way to set on fire, a microcontroller supported by a low-energy bluetooth chip and powered by a 3.7V lithium-polymer battery operates the removable 256-RGB LED grid paired with an adjustable Velcro vest. The proprietary mobile app manages Disco Dog’s animations, colors, two-color gradients, brightness and even scrolling text from a distance via iOS or Android devices.

Send thousands of hues cascading down your dog’s back. Have some fun with the scrolling marquee and change up your pup’s message to the world with a single text message from the app. Best of all, if your dog strays beyond your signal’s reach, Disco Dog enters an automatic “Lost Dog” mode that flashes red and blue lights with instructions to get the pooch to safety and alert the owner.

Disco Dog is the world’s first and only LED dog vest controlled by smartphone, To select the proper size, measure the length of your dog’s back and find the chest-girth just behind the front legs, then follow the website’s fitting guidelines.

Disco Dog LED Safety Vest (2)Disco Dog LED Safety Vest (3)Disco Dog LED Safety Vest (2)Disco Dog LED Safety Vest (1)Disco Dog LED Safety Vest (1)


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A Safe Party for your Pup

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