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Disco Cube Speaker Flash To The Rhythm Of Your Music

If a Rubik’s cube and Bluetooth speaker got down to some awkward, blocky freaky-deaky humpity-bumpity in front of us….well, that’s a sign of the Apocalypse we’ve spent years filling a bunker with ammunition and Spam to confront. However, we’d welcome our mechanical overlords with open arms faster than you could say “blue pill” if that unsettlingly union sired a Disco Cube Speaker to keep the jams pumping until the fallout subsides.

Whether you wirelessly connect a Bluetooth smartphone or mp3 player, fill up an SD card with songs or keep it wired with the versatile auxiliary cable, it’s plenty hip to be square when you make any of the Cube’s five color-shifting display modes the life of the party. The rechargeable 800mAh battery allows this dynamic light and sound spectacle to get in anywhere it fits in with sound-activated visuals that dance in time to the tunes. If your vibe happens to be more business than pleasure for the moment, you can even keep the strobe going while taking hands-free conference calls with impressive clarity.


Speaker Cube Light Show
Speaker Cube Light Show
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Block Rockin' Beats Change Color

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$43.69 Buy Here
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