Director’s Clapperboard Digital Alarm Clock Wakes You Up In Time For Selfies

A long time ago, a famous writer wrote, “Life is a stage, and we are all actors on that stage.” It has never been truer today, in the ‘world’ of the selfies! Selfies are a modern-day phenomena that has infected the world through the abundance of cell phones with cameras, the World Wide Web, and Facebook. Majority of selfies are taken in or around the home, and not far from the bedroom and bathroom.

This popular trendy practice of taking self portraits in various places and situations, while manipulating one’s face is becoming an art form, with many people getting into the ‘act’ of taking selfies, there is now a little help in the way of Facebook selfie taking fun – the Director’s Clapperboard Digital Alarm Clock. Most people on you tube think they may just be the next award winning director simply because they can hold a phone while their friend does some type of Jackass stunt jumping off a rooftop into a garbage filled with shit and rabid raccoons…and they may just get 40 million views. Hell… we’d like to see that for sure. But first, they actually got to get out of bed. This COULD help them do that while catering to their Marin Scorsese sized ego.

This life-sized director clapperboard turned into an alarm clock is the ideal prop for home selfies picture-taking. It can also be of help for those who plan on doing some semi-professional Youtube videos, to help with editing, Why is that? It’s perfect really, because it’s a clock that is also a director’s clapperboard. Basically, you get two for the price of one; a clock and a clapperboard.


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Ready, Set, WAKE UP!

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