Direct Brain to Brain Telepathy In Humans Is Closer Than You Think

Reading minds is wishful thinking, if it were possible then parents would have discovered it a long time ago. Although, there are people throughout history that have displayed ‘real’ ability in not only reading other people’s minds, but influencing the behavior of others by projecting thoughts into a person’s mind. Scary stuff, don’t you think?

Folklore aside, scientists have put some real money into monkey research, neuroscientists could use the thoughts of monkeys to control computers, and… it worked! So, off to using the thoughts of humans to control more advanced computers is what scientists are doing now.

For now, the research is still new, but in the not so distant future amazing possibilities will be created, such as the ability to communicate not only directly to computers, but to other people as well.

Like any new scientific discovery involving the human mind, especially when it involves using and manipulating human thought, willingly or on others unknowingly, is a serious discussion that should take place on a nationally and international level.

Source – PopularMechanics via UW / Study

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