Dinosaur Table Lamps Are Perfectly Illuminating Prehistoric Companions

Don’t bother denying it. “Jurassic Park” taught us all conclusively that dinosaurs can even make a sun-soaked island wonderland a better place to be.

We all know that the instant one of these Dinosaur Table Lamps burns out a bulb, you won’t resist yelling, “Curse your sudden-but-inevitable betrayal!” On the bright side, losing your reading light could save you from learning the hard way that Michael Crichton’s forced sequel “The Lost World” really doesn’t hold up so well after seeing the film adaptation Universal intended it to inspire from the moment they goaded him into writing it. As a bonus, you basically have cold-cast ceramic Tyrannosaurus rex and Brachiosaurus statues to stand guard over your snacks while you pop in a 7-watt replacement. There is even a 4 hour timer that turns it off automatically after 4 hours.

See? The world just naturally improves with more prehistoric beasts everywhere.

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