Dinosaur Case Lunch Box Muzzles Tyrannosaurus Rex, Makes It Lug Around Our Stuff

This Dinosaur Lunch Box answers a question that has plagued our every waking thought since our most recent Whipped-Cream Whippet Wednesday luncheon, what could possibly be more badass than a dinosaur?

Our answer? Muzzling a Tyrannosaurus rex and making it carry around our valuable in its mouth, that’s what. Seriously, how has this never become a thing among over-the-top television, movie, or video game villains? From any generation of Power Rangers to a team-up of RoboCop, Indiana Jones, The Rock, and James Bond, name one or more legendary heroes who wouldn’t try to quickly calculate just how indescribably f***ed they just became after watching an enemy pluck carrot sticks from the razor-toothed maw of a legendary Cretaceous predator.

From lunch to Legos, cookies to crayons, carrying around your essentials inside a gargantuan carnivore’s skull declares that you will welcome perpetual ridicule for your immaturity if the mightiest beasts to ever rule the earth somehow become childishly inappropriate to celebrate past a certain age. Anybody can tote their belongings inside a decorative tin box. The Dinosaur Lunch Box is for that intrepid prehistoric explorer with the might to make even the most terrifying hunter his bitch.


Source – SuckUK

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For those of us who have a carnivorous appetite

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