Digitsole Heated Insole Makes Dumb Shoes Smart and Toasty Warm

Did you know that up to 80% of body heat is lost through our heads and our feet? It gives new meaning to the words ‘cold feet’, but it’s true, especially when in cold weather. Lost body heat in this way has plagued hikers, hunters, skiers, mountain climbers and many other sportsmen and women; keeping your feet warm is the name of all winter games.

Now there is DIGITSOLE Warm Series Heated Insole, you can heat-up your shoes to stay nice and warm in the coldest of weather. It is definitely a much needed invention; an invention that was destined to be discovered by someone with ‘cold feet’. That’s not all. This much desired product which was funded by kickstarter, can connect to your mobile app to accurately tell you how many steps you took, the distance walked, and even the calories burned during your travels trekking through the blistering cold snow.

Now, you can heat your shoes up to 113 degrees F, or 45 degrees C, either way, your feet will get nice and toasty warm for up to eight hours, which is ideal if you like skiing, hunting or hiking in the snow. These heated insoles are adjusted through the magic of Bluetooth, and compatible with Android and iOS. And, they are sweat/water-resistant, which makes cleaning them a breeze.


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