Diesel On Touchscreen Smartwatches Will Run Android Wear 2 With Filters & Micro App Features

How would you like a touchscreen watch? Oh, yeah, they have them now, thanks to Diesel – the innovative watchmaker. It’s a hybrid smartwatch and tracker that is designed to satisfy the desires of consumers for ‘all’ things new, by adding the latest technology to the their popular classic watch design, along with digital accessories.

This one-of-a-kind touchscreen smartwatch is a definite crowd-pleaser that stands out proudly among the competition. If you want to be ‘different’, unique, and technologically ‘swavy’, then get this watch while it’s hot! It’s got personality to spare, with seven bold, customizable dial options, that can be configured in hundreds of ways. The features that will truly set this apart from other smartwatches is the filters, that are basically different faces to change the watch to your style of the moment. The other rumoured feature is called fogged up. After some period of time of inactivity, the face has a fogged up look, which fogs when you move, or something like that. Sure a bit gimmicky, but cool nonetheless.

Diesel On offers the following features:

  • Download third-party apps quickly through the on-watch Google Play™ Store

  • Meet your Google Assistant by holding the power button or saying “Ok Google”; ask about the weather or set a reminder and get directions even when your hands are full

  • Customize watch faces, color combinations and information regardless of whether you have iOS or Android phone

  • Enjoy the Google Fit workout experience: track runs, bike rides, strength training (for example, pull-ups and push-ups) and more

  • Measure calories, pace, distance and additional exercises based on settings

  • Stay motivated while working out by streaming music right from the watch, when you are connected to phone or WiFi, with the Google Play Music app

  • Customize straps with eight available options, including leather, silicone, denim and canvas with novelty stitching and hardware details

As expected, this smartwatch works with Android or iOS phones, connects via Bluetooth, and you can download third-party apps through Google Play, and get help through Google Assistant. If you could wear personality, it would look like this new smartwatch by Diesel.

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