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Devon Star Wars Watch Is An Extra-Rare Sweet Perk Of The Dark Side

Let the Jedi be ambivalent to riches, adventure, and glory. Sith gonna Sith, yo.

In the galaxy at any given time, always two Sith there are – no more, no less: a master and apprentice. All well and good, but only 500 of the $28,500 Devon STAR WARS Watches exist in this or any other galaxy. Good news, everyone: assume there are still about 498 more of these niche Tread 1 model luxury timepieces still up for grabs…give or take.

With stylish design as smooth and as its works, Darth Vader himself would appraise this artful diamond-esque true black watch “most impressive”. Beneath its matte finish and scratch-resistant polycarbonate lens, rotating belts emblazoned with numbers tell the time thanks machinery comprised of 350 individual parts spanning four time belts, four microstep motors, and an astonishing 313 electrical contacts within a stainless-steel case. Incredibly, a single rechargeable battery can sustain its functions for up to a two full weeks after one charge.

So, what makes this a “STAR WARS watch”? Well, for starters, there’s the profoundly black color scheme with subtle light-gray accents and indicators. There are the red-and-green motor covers stylized to resemble Vader’s chest console switches. The case flanks are styled after a TIE fighter’s wings and sport an oversized Imperial-logo crown. The main screws resemble Anakin Skywalker’s helmet grille’s bottom spikes. Even the leather strap is reminiscent of Vader’s own glove.

We like to think that, if Sith were known to ever reach a “retirement” that didn’t involve being perforated by a lightsaber or cremated on an Ewok funeral pyre, this would be the token of appreciation the Dark Side intended.

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