Devil’s Fingers Fungus Blooming Looks Like Alien Egg Hatching

Sleeping Too Much? Here, Watch A Devil’s Fingers Fungus Bloom

Want to know something funny? After watching this video of a Devil’s Fingers fungus (Clathrus archeri, the Octopus Fungus) unfurling in bloom, we didn’t even need to read up on what we are now dubbing “The NOPE Corsage” to be certain it came from Australia.

Know why koala bears are the single greatest things ever? Do you? Because they are adorable supernovas of furry innocence that grow up around kangaroos – AKA, The Kickboxers Nature Intended – and baby-eating dingos and bugs the size of Shaq’s foot and the literal Tasmanian devil in addition to these pay-at-the-pump hentai nightmare fuel dispensers and never seem to lose their composure. Know why Alaexander’s horrible, terrible, no-good, very bad day nearly sends him packing to Australia of all places?

Because all he has to do is get to the opposite side of a field of alien-bajingo plants from the people who’d chase him to bring him back. He could then crack open a Foster’s and watch the backroads of the Outback run yellow with ‘fraidy-pee.


Source – Nerdist

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