Withings Home Security Camera Is Also An Environmental Monitor and Diary All in One

Okay, having a security camera and an environmental monitor combined into a single unit makes sense. But having a device that offers those features and also acts as a ‘home diary’? That’s got to be a first.

Withings Home Is Truly A First All-in-one Surveillance System

That’s exactly what ‘Withings Home’ provides though. With the appearance of a tree-stump, this device aims to make CCTV feel a little more ‘homely’. It can detect noise and motion and even identify ‘crying’ and uploads its findings to the cloud where it remains from two days. You can then choose to compile your ‘memorable events’ into a home diary. Better than carrying around a spy pen camera in your pocket huh?

Presumably this won’t just be a diary of family members crying and thieves taking your stuff…

Source – Gizmag / Withings

Withings Home, Wireless HD Camera with Air Quality Sensors
Withings Home, Wireless HD Camera with Air Quality Sensors


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