Deuce Double Barrel Paintball Pistol Is The Only Shot You Need

There’s nothing like using your marksman abilities to knock out your digital enemies in a video game, but if you need to exercise those legs and your capabilities, take those tired fingers out for a real adventure. You’ve heard about paintball, you know the general rules, but you’re terrified of getting up close and personal. What can you do when your enemy is staring you in the face?

Easy. Pull out your Deuce Double-Barrel Paintball Pistol and let the heads roll. Made by Goblin, they suggest this double-barreled beauty is perfect for scenario games or when you need some backup shots. The paintball-firing device even lets you choose to shoot off both barrels at the same time or to conserve your ammunition by firing from each barrel individually.

If “Community” achieved not one more significant thing in six seasons than being arguably the funniest damn show NBC has ever taken for granted, it convinced us that paintball is Hell, and Hell is for heroes. The Goblin Deuce Paintball Pistol is a double-barrel revamp of Goblin’s celebrated Solo pistol that stacks twice the firepower atop the same proportions for a most handy backup piece made to win the day in the thick of the tightest firefights.

As you’d expect, this pistol carries nicely right on your hip and ready to let fly when it comes down to the last shot and your primary weapon goes dry. Yes, it’s small. Yes, it’s light. When a match comes down to surprising the other guy with two fast shots he never guessed you had hot and ready, you won’t be counting the ounces.

Good news for Solo fans: conversion kits are also available to modify a single-shot pistol into a double. The same air cartridges fuel the Solo and Deuce to snap off shots with single paintballs from each barrel or up to a dozen Airsoft 6mm BB pellets at once.

So, yeah, correction: like something we’d be proud to wield in a rousing “Borderlands” or “Bulletstorm” campaign or perhaps some ingenious firearm worthy of “RWBY” it’s a convertible pistol and shotgun in one. Toggle the selector switch to alternate between double-firing both barrels at once or shooting separately from each.

While this gun may not be the most useful at the beginning of your paintball war, it just may win you the game.

Double-Barrel Air Cartridge Paintball Pistols 2



Source – MikeShouts via Goblin Paintball

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