Desktop Putting Stationery To Write Down Those Hole-in-One Business Ideas

Are you a golfer? Well, then you understand what it’s like to be away from the ‘green’ for too long, that’s why many golfing enthusiasts decorate their homes and offices with anything related to golf.

If you enjoy golfing, then no doubt you are always looking for opportunities to improve your putting game. Now you can, sort of, using the Desktop Putting Stationary Set. It comes complete with all you need, a golf club pencil, a miniature putting green that doubles as a note pad, and three little golf ball erasers.

Life is full of surprises, many of which keep dedicated golfers off the green, but ‘real’ golfers always find ways to work on their putting, and you can too, with your own little desktop putting noted pad.

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Last update was on: May 18, 2017 4:57 am
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