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Desktop Drum Set Is The Musician Gift John Bonham Intended

The Westminster Desktop Drum Set in any of its random colors is one choice holiday gift destined to make everyone who has to live and work near its recipient hate you with the heat of a thousand Phoenix Julys.

On the bright side, at least you aren’t giving someone a full-size kit for instant merry racket-making. Unfortunately for everyone else who doesn’t dig Keith Moon or Ginger Baker to half the extent of the perpetually air-drumming helion you gift this surprisingly sweet-sounding set to, the days of pencils and pens raining down blows on imaginary – and silent – skins are about to meet their end.

Really, expect to raise an eyebrow at just how good the sound off the Westminster Desktop Drum Set gets. It’s a basic set of two 4.5″ toms, a single 6″ tom, one metal cymbal, and of course, a pair of plastic drumsticks – thus, no spinning-kit Tommy Lee solos. That isn’t to say it couldn’t handle aping a White Stripes beat or two. Aspiring percussionists ages 8 and up will be thumping away in no time, thanks to the easy no-tools-required assembly.

We recommend familiarizing yourself with an appropriate “Aw, shucks” shoulder-shrug and variations on the argument, “Hey, at least I passed up the bagpipes.”

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