DeepFlight Dragon Submarine Is A Personal Submarine You Can Easily Master

“All we want is a Dragon Submarine,
A Dragon Submarine,
A Dragon Submarine…

We’d sell our moms for a Dragon Submarine,
This awesome submarine,
This Dragon Submarine…”

Powered by a low-signature 40V system voltage and tipping the scales at a featherweight 1,800 kg and measuring a diminutive 5 meters long, the DeepFlight Dragon Submarine may be the most economically sized and environmentally gentle personal watercraft designed to store comfortably on nearly any yacht available today with minimal (if any) retrofits.

It’s a speedy, unobtrusive quiet and clean sub with a high-efficiency quad brushless DC drivetrain and lithin-iron-phosphate underwater battery pack powering both its “flight” propulsion mode and its DeepFlight-first “hover” capability that allows it to travel peaceably alongside larger marine species, over submerged structures, or even surrounding human swimmers.

Own one of the few available yachts that doesn’t accommodate the Dragon? No matter. It stores, launches and recovers no different from your tender, but its purchase price happens to include custom integration, launch and recovery solutions.

The Dragon includes DeepFlight’s signature fixed positive buoyancy that allows it to naturally float right up to the surface in lieu of drop weights or a variable ballast system. The DeepFlight Dive Manager (DDM) lets a pilot of any experience level safely and easily pilot the Dragon at custom-set depth limits, thanks to proprietary monitoring technology that manages its critical functions. The Dragon is good for up to six hours of energy-efficient underwater exploration from a single charge.

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