Death Star Ice Cube Tray Holds Ice Cubes Colder Than Hoth Can

It’s pretty cold in space, how cold? Ice cold, that is why here on earth people need ‘space’ coldness to create ice cubes for use in drinks. The best way to do that is by bringing some ‘space’ down here, to this planet, to create your own space cold ice cubes.

That is exactly the purpose of the Death Star Ice Cube Tray. It is designed to make your ice cubes in the depths of its cold interior. This Star Wars themed ice cube tray is a brilliant aesthetic idea that is enthusiastically embraced by fans of the movies, all over the planet.

If you would like your own iconic replica of the moon sized Death Star, to make your own space cold ice cubes, then embrace the dark-side of the force and get on-board the Empire’s Death Star. It can make 32 rectangular ice cubes at a time and is mobile, so you can easily bring it into the orbit of your next party.

Death Star Ice Cube Tray 1Source – Paladone

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That's no moon, that's ice, ice baby!

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