Death Star Electronics Lab Brings Home The Fun Side Of The Galactic Empire’s Military Complex

Tinkerers experience science fiction fandom from a slightly skewed perspective. Our own friends look at escapist or speculative fiction ranging from the works of Jules Verne, Isaac Asimov, and Philip K. Dick to “Star Trek” and “Iron Man” and think to themselves, “Nah, never.” Meanwhile, we sit beside them and think to ourselves not only “Not yet,” but every now and then, “Wait, why not now?”

That’s why we want to order enough of these Death Star Electronics Lab kits to gift them to our youngest kin this holiday and have a few to keep for ourselves. It’s one thing to be the kid pretending to be Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, or Darth Vader. It’s another entirely to embrace being one of the few who are just as fascinated by how electricity might power the galaxy’s largest, deadliest fully operational battle station.

This STEM-based learning tool allows more than 20 experiments to play out inside a model Death Star with over 75 working components. Kids and adults alike may lose themselves for hours arranging and reconfiguring LEDs, switches, transistors, resistors, integrated circuits, and capacitors. Few rewards can compare to successfully installing a tractor beam, raising an alarm, building a vital artificial breathing system for Vader, or even firing a laser powerful enough to reduce a peaceful planet to spaceborne rubble.

Every Death Star Electronics Lab kit includes full-color diagrams explaining each experiment and detailing every component’s role in its completion. Every completed experiment rewards the engineer’s effort with a light-up display and genuine Star Wars sound effects. This kit trains tomorrow’s brightest Imperial minds, today!

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Learn how to make the battlestation fully operational

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