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Death Star Cookie Jar Explodes Into Your Kitchen With Awesome

That’s no moon. It’s a cookie jar fit for a fully operational battle station.

Question: what is better than a freshly baked cookie? Answer: a freshly baked cookie you’ve just pulled from ThinkGeek’s exclusive Death Star Cookie Jar. For the love of bothans, it even rhymes.

From the second you sink your hand into this 9″ ceramic Death Star’s thermal exhaust port, you’ll be too charmed not to tractor-beam one morsel after another into your craw. We haven’t taken an exact count, but given how many baked goods of your choice we’re just guessing this icon of intergalactic engineering looks like it could hold, we’re going to indeed give the win to the Dark Side the win. They do indeed have cookies. So many cookies.

Fair warning: in addition to a truly sad vulnerability to one well-placed shot blowing it to smithereens, this space station is not dishwasher-safe. May the Samoas be with you.

Star Wars Death Star Cookie Jar (2)


$29.99 Buy Here
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