Death Star Bluetooth Speaker Is No Moon Next to Your Computer

If you’re a fan of Star Wars and of high fidelity sound, then you will be blown away (literally) by this Death Star Bluetooth speaker.

You can probably guess what it is from the name but just in case:

It’s a speaker…

…that looks like the Death Star!


Death Star Bluetooth Speaker

But what you wouldn’t know from the name alone is that it looks seriously cool. It’s pretty big with a 4.5” diameter and is raised on a beautiful acrylic stand. What’s better, it’s completely wireless and has one-touch connectivity. This is pretty much essential because it would really ruin the effect rather if it had wires dangling out of the back. Remember: the real Death Star did not have wires dangling out the back.

What’s more, the whole thing lights up when it’s playing music and it can also be plugged into a 3.5mm audio output jack.

The whole effect is capped off if you play the Imperial March on top volume out of it. This way you will also feel seriously like a boss when you’re working. Darth Vader is like a super boss.

When it breaks it could also be used as a bowling ball. Although that would be blasphemy.

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