Deadpool Watch Lets You Know When You’re Killing Time

OK, so Deadpool fondly wears a charming little “Adventure Time” watch so as to never be a second late when it’s time to make the chimi-f***ing-changas…metaphorically when killing calls or when it is literally time to lightly fry a burrito. We like to think there’s a parallel world in which Finn’s own wrist is sporting this red stainless steel watch dressed with a red silicone band.

Suppose you one day have to self-amputate a hand. Maybe you surprise yourself with a fast-acting healing factor you never knew you had, maybe you don’t. Maybe it grows back, maybe it doesn’t. Ruling out your very own Magic Satchel, a watch doesn’t regenerate. Moral of the story: watch where you cut, OK?

Deadpool Red Logo Watch (1)

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