Deadpool Beanie Warms Your Headpool During Cold Days Fighting Bad Guys

If you haven’t noticed, the winter air has steadily gone colder than a cryogenically frozen polar bear’s daddy-bag lately. Keep your noggin toasty as the inside of a chimichanga with this Marvel Deadpool Beanie, an exclusive original item created by ThinkGeek.

This is no ordinary beanie, either. Why settle for a cap that only keeps the top of your dome warm? Styled after the Merc with a Mouth’s unmistakable mask, feel free to pull this one right down over your face as a ski mask and bask in complete cranial warmth.

Our advice: if you do, stand completely still in a place with no traffic, foot or otherwise. It has no eye holes unless you should decide to cut some out. Otherwise, you won’t see a damn thing. Walking? Unadvisable. Running? Indisputably even more stupid than walking.

On the bright side, you will be the world’s coolest-looking imbecile. Let’s go celebrate. Chimichangas are on you.

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Goes great with Spicy mexican food

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