De Bethune Dream Watch 5 Meteorite Is Out Of This World

There are many kinds of watches, in fact, there is literally a watch for every type of sport, activity and passion. Basically, watches have become so much more than just time pieces, they’ve become an expression of one’s likes, and they can even make a fashion statement, or set ‘the’ mood.

Considering all that, some watches, like jewelry, become pieces of… art, such as the De Bethune Dream Watch 5 Meteorite – its art you wear on your wrist. Truly a unique creation, inspired by the vastness of space and by the recent discovery of an ancient crash landed spacecraft on the ocean floor, back in 2014.

What makes this watch stand out as a time piece of art are the materials which were used make it, and the very cool spherical moon-phase indicator that sits stylishly under the number display. It is definitely an eye catcher watch, one that looks at home on the wrist of any moon gazer.

De-Bethune-Dream-Machine-5-Meteorite (3)De-Bethune-Dream-Machine-5-Meteorite (4)De-Bethune-Dream-Machine-5-Meteorite (6)

Source – Hautetime

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Time to crash land this beautiful piece of art on your wrist

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